anna jaap

about the artist

Combining a lifelong love of language with a keen visual sensitivity, Anna Jaap creates narratives of color and form centered in the natural world. Each piece tells our story. From the structure of the smallest cell to the monumental spiral of a galaxy, Jaap weaves together the shapes and rhythms that link us to each other and to the world around us. 

In keeping with the breadth of her subject matter, Jaap moves easily between sweeping abstraction and attention to detail. She seamlessly combines the disciplines of painting, drawing and printmaking. Her use of color is elegant and finely-tuned. In the midst of the multiple materials, images and ideas that often populate her work, Jaap meticulously orchestrates a still point of dynamic balance.

Selected clients include Avon, Agricultural Bank of China, BentleyForbes, ButlerSnow, Henredon, Paramount Pictures, Primus, Ralph Lauren Home, Vanderbilt Medical Center, and Tiffany.

Jaap lives and paints in Nashville, surrounded by the rolling farmland of Tennessee.



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