mary farmer

about the artist

A native Californian, Mary has lived in Alabama, Georgia and now resides in Asheville, North Carolina. Her abstract encaustic paintings are inspired by her natural surroundings in Asheville. "It's the light, shattered, reflected and eye-bending that draws me to this ancient and sacred medium of encaustic," says Mary, a leader and teacher of the encaustic painting technique.

Using molten beeswax to create landscapes and topographies of extraordinary beauty, Mary says of her work, “To think that once I couldn’t even imagine a safe space, and now I create them every time I paint! It’s amazing. And even better, people who collect my work tell me they experience those same feelings of peace, well-being, and contentment when they look at my paintings. This is what art is to me—liberation from the stress of the world, a haven where we can experience all that life is meant to be.”



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